Governor Proposes Elimination of CalWORKs and Healthy Families Programs

The Governor announced $6.1 billion of additional budget “solutions,” including elimination of the CalWORKs and Healthy Families programs and phase out of the CalGrant Program. The newly announced proposals would substitute for borrowing proposed in the Governor’s May Revision, released on May 14.  As we’ve previously blogged, a Conference Committee of the Legislature will take public testimony and consider these and other proposals over the next several weeks.

— Jean Ross

10 Responses to Governor Proposes Elimination of CalWORKs and Healthy Families Programs

  1. […] even larger deficit estimated by the Legislative Analyst.  As expected, the Governor called for eliminating the CalWORKS program for the poor, eliminating Healthy Families to provide health insurance to poor children, and […]

  2. Faith Lambert says:

    I am a single working mom who can not afford to cover my child through my work insurance. If you cut health care for thousands of children are you really saving money, or creating an even bigger problem down the road for many Californians. It would force parents to quit there jobs and go on welfare to make sure that thier children had some form of health care. We want to build up California not tear it down. Help people who help themselves.

  3. Decimating the CalWORKS system is going to create poverty that hasn’t been seen since the great depression for the families who lose this assistance.

    Then there will be a secondary tidal wave of joblessness for the child care workforce who accept subsidized child care payments for CalWORKS recipients and have already lost many private paying families who cannot afford child care due to job loss, pay cuts etc. In this tidal wave will also be massive job loss for the workers who administer CalWORKS related programs and services.

  4. Catwest says:

    I could not agree with the two previous posters more. Eliminating these programs would be a monumental mistake. In the immediate short term, sure, the budget would be trimmed, but in the longer term there would be huge costs in countless areas. I hope these cuts do not come to pass, for the sake of all Californians.

  5. Self-employed parent says:

    I am a self employed parent who works 60 hrs/wk. I am dedicated to my business so that I can support my family and keep my children healthy and happy. Cutting healthy families would devestate our family. Creating a situation where thousands more are left uninsured, especially children, seems like an extremely unwise strategy in keeping California afloat in this time of crisis.

  6. heather says:

    i am a single mom who lays awake at night wondering what im going to do if these programs are cutt. i work as an eligibility worker and i was told this week that our county will be laying off 95 employees if calworks is cutt. both of my kids are on healthy families and i have daycare threw the calworks program. i will loose my childrens healthcare, my job, and my daycare. i dont get it, how is this saving our state money, now im just going to sit tight and join the unemployed? It feels so wrong and hopeless. What do we do when unemployment runs out? How many families will be homeless, and children left uncared for, this is very scary.

  7. Rachel says:

    I am a stay at home mother working from home. My husband lost his job last Friday due to layoffs at his company. We have no health insurance anymore for ourselves, and both of our children are on Healthy Families. As he is trying to get a job, we are barely able to make the daily payments on things such as our home, car & insurance. There is no way we could afford to buy health insurance for our children. I agree with another poster, if unemployment runs out, and we loose insurance for our kids, we will be homeless! How does this help CA in the longrun, it seems like it would cause more problems in the future! Please do not cut our childrens healthcare!!!!

  8. Shalana says:

    I and my husband work. We have 3 children two are on healthy families and one on medical. It is very difficult just to make ends meet it seems like we are barely making it and if healthy families is cut that would really be devastating because we would not be able to afford health coverage for our kids which have asthma and pay household bills these kids should be proirity there may be a lot of tragic situations if healthy families is cut! I pray that God internvenes and changes his mind!

  9. CLAUIDA says:

    my husband in the head of household we have two children it is very difficult just to make it at this time in age we pay for this health benefit for our children. we can afford to have them in his work insurance healthy families is a great program that help families like us to give our children a good health!. so please dont cut this services!!! do it for the children of the future!!!

  10. Jo Mills says:

    Cutting Healthy Families is a big mistake! Keeping children healthy as they grow up prevents health problems that could cost California even more money in the future. Since this insurance is based on a limited income, it targets families who would not have the opportunity to insurance they children otherwise. Many minimum wage workers use this insurance for their children. This is a big mistake!