On the Docket: Budget Agreement, but Details Scarce

Like you, we’re waiting for more details on a budget agreement, which was reached by Legislative leaders late Friday. Information at this point is scarce, and once we know more, we will share what we know with you. So far, we’re hearing that the Budget Conference Committee could meet on Wednesday and that there may be a floor vote on Thursday. But all of that is subject to change.

We at the CBP are particularly interested in learning more about a proposed spending cap – a “reserve on steroids” that could have significant implications for public programs that serve the common good – that could go before the voters in 2012. We will also be closely following the impact of this budget agreement on the state’s education spending. As you may recall from one of our recent analyses, California’s school spending compared to the rest of the US is already at its lowest level in 40 years.

On a different note, don’t forget to check out Jean Ross’ piece on Proposition 26 in Calbuzz today.

— Lisa Gardiner

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