Chris Hoene on the Governor’s Proposed 2014-15 Budget: Only a Modest Step Toward Reinvesting

The California Budget Project, a nonpartisan public policy research group, released the following statement from Executive Director Chris Hoene in response to Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed 2014-15 budget:

“The Governor’s proposed budget reflects a major improvement in our state’s finances, but takes only a modest step toward reinvesting in services and programs that are critical to all Californians. Addressing long-term liabilities and strengthening the state’s rainy day fund are sound policies. But the budget could do much more to address serious needs that our state faces now, especially amid a slow economic recovery and with many Californians still hurting in the wake of the Great Recession.

“As the Governor and legislators work to craft the 2014-15 budget, priority should be given to boosting support for safety-net programs, employment services, and child care and preschool programs that have been damaged by years of spending cuts. We also still have a long way to go in reinvesting in higher education, which is essential to preparing Californians for good jobs and helping them share in the state’s economic gains.

“A strong state budget is one that works for individuals, families, and communities. While the Governor’s proposal has California moving in the right direction, what’s still needed is a grand vision for ensuring that we’re investing in long-term economic growth that’s widely shared.”

Tomorrow the CBP will publish its initial analysis of the proposed 2014-15 budget, highlighting key provisions and their implications.

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