Don’t Miss These Workshops on Housing, School Funding, State Corrections and Other Timely Topics

This week is your last chance to register in advance for the CBP’s 2014 annual conferenceRaising the Bar: How Smart Policy Choices Can Create Shared Prosperity in California, on March 6 in Sacramento. Reserve your spot and join over 300 individuals who will be with us for a discussion of how California can best reinvest in vital public services, maintain fiscal health, and promote broad economic growth.

Plenary sessions will examine California’s shifting electoral profile, the social and policy challenges posed by high poverty and growing inequality, and the latest on the 2014 state budget debate. In addition, Raising the Bar will feature a wide range of workshops in which expert panelists will discuss pressing issues facing California today. Some of our 2014 conference workshops include:

Laying the Foundation: How Can State Policy and Investments Best Promote Access to Affordable Housing?
Panelists will discuss what types of state policies and funding approaches might help address the tremendous need for affordable housing, what proposals are expected to be in play this year, and how California can build toward a long-term framework for supporting affordable housing and strong, economically vibrant communities. With Lisa Bates, deputy director, California Department of Housing and Community Development; Doug Shoemaker, president, Mercy Housing California; and Mark Stivers, consultant, Senate Transportation and Housing Committee.

Curbing the Prison Pipeline: Options for Reducing California’s Prison Population While Improving Public Safety
California has made significant strides in reducing the state prison population in recent years, but still needs to cut the prison population by several thousand additional inmates by early 2016 in order to comply with a federal court mandate. What approaches are needed to further reduce the number of inmates in ways consistent with public safety? And how are counties adjusting to their new responsibilities for managing — and rehabilitating — low-level offenders? With Lenore Anderson, executive director, Californians for Safety and Justice; Michael Daly, president, Chief Probation Officers of California and chief probation officer, Marin County; and Karren Lane, prevention network director, Community Coalition.

California’s New School Finance System: Where We Are, What Comes Next, and Why Stakeholder Involvement Is Essential to Improve Education for Disadvantaged Students
Last year, state policymakers restructured California’s education finance system in an effort to make it more transparent, rational, and equitable. This workshop will look at the new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), including the spending regulations recently approved by the State Board of Education, and why local stakeholder involvement will be key to ensuring that LCFF dollars go to support disadvantaged students. With Brooks Allen, deputy policy director and assistant legal counsel, State Board of Education; Oscar E. Cruz, president and chief executive officer, Families In Schools; and Dr. Christine Lizardi Frazier, superintendent of schools, Kern County.

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Other workshop topics at our 2014 conference will include public pensions, “horizontal integration” in social services, career education, and many more. For full event details and to register, visit this event page. We’ll look forward to seeing you on March 6!

— Steven Bliss

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