Medi-Cal in the Governor’s Proposed 2014-15 Budget: Health Care Reform Boosts Enrollment and Federal Funding

Medi-Cal — the Medicaid Program in our state — provides health care coverage for millions of low-income Californians, primarily children, youth, and women. Last year, state policymakers approved expanding Medi-Cal — as authorized by federal health care reform — to extend coverage to more than 1 million low-income adults who had not previously been eligible for the program and made other changes intended to increase enrollment.

A new CBP analysis — the latest in a series of briefs on key components of Governor Brown’s proposed 2014-15 budget — looks at the Medi-Cal Program. This brief shows that 1.5 million Californians are projected to enroll in the program due to implementation of health care reform, bringing total Medi-Cal enrollment to slightly more than 10 million. This boost in enrollment is projected to increase federal funding for Medi-Cal by more than $10 billion through June 2015.

At the same time, however, the Governor’s proposed budget largely maintains a 10 percent cut to Medi-Cal payments for doctors, dentists, and other providers, which could hinder enrollees’ access to care.

This CBP brief on Medi-Cal in the Governor’s budget proposal can be found — along with the full series of briefs, which covers education, human services, corrections, and other topics —  on our website.

— Steven Bliss

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